Piano Tuition at its Best

Mel at Prospect Piano Tuition has an absolute passion for everything piano. She loves to play and equally loves to teach. Mel believes that guiding and mentoring students with a hunger to learn to play the piano is both an honour and a gift.
With a lifetime of playing the piano herself and many years of teaching to students of all abilities, she is highly skilled at teaching.
Added to that, Mel has Accelerated Learning and Personal Performance qualifications and is very skilled at making students feel relaxed and at ease with their learning.
The emphasis is always on Fun and that’s how Mel feels her students learn quicker too.

Adult Piano Students

Age is no barrier in learning to play the Piano and many students decide to begin playing in early adulthood and some even leave it until retirement. It is the desire to learn to play which is the key factor. Many students come to lessons having wanted to play all their lives and explain that the timing has never been right. Often they feel it is too late to start. Her oldest pupil is now 80 and it is never too late to learn a new skill.
With continued effort and determination Mel will help her students achieve whatever level of ability they require. Many adults have learnt to play earlier in their lives and just require a “Refresher Lessons”.
Mel has years of experience teaching returning students and often she reawakens the love of the piano that has long lied dormant when “life gets in the way”. Mel can also teach advanced students who perhaps need a listening ear and need a mentor and teacher to guide them through the next phase of their musical journey.

Children and Young Piano Students

Mel loves to teach children and young pupils. Quite often young people pick up the skills of learning the piano very quickly. The earliest age that Mel teaches is 7 years old. Before that age she has found that the level of concentration and reading ability is not sufficient for progress to be made and therefore, it is not pleasurable experience for either the child or the parent.
The focus on Mels lessons is always fun and she finds that pupils learn faster that way. Students between 7 and their teenage years usually progress very quickly in both ability and confidence because most young people are in full time education and so thrive in the learning environment. Playing the piano is such a creative hobby and often it will compliment a young person’s other education … it may even ignite a desire to carry it on further into adulthood.

Heswall Piano Tuition

Mel at Prospect Piano Tuition is based in Heswall, on the Wirral, and offers piano tuition to all ages and abilities. Having a local tutor is great for ease of learning, if you have ever wanted to learn, now is the time…

Piano Tuition on the Wirral and Merseyside