I  started learning to play the piano 4 years ago with Melanie . I owned a piano , but that was the extent of my knowledge !Mel has taught me to read music ,  recognise the notes  and play proper tunes ! She is patient and kind and put me at total ease as a then 50 something  mature learner ! Highly recommend  Prospect Piano Tuition if you want to learn the piano

Margaret Foster

I began learning to play the piano with Melanie 18 months ago. Initially I had four half-price lessons, courtesy of The Big Daily Deal (a great way to decide whether the teacher/activity is right for you).

Melanie is a patient teacher, who goes at your pace, but who is equally keen to ensure you make progress.

She uses the highly recommended John W Schaum Piano Course, where each piece of music ‘teaches’ a different aspect to help you master the instrument.

Melanie is enthusiastic about her teaching, and is delighted to see her students make progress.

Learning to play the piano is a long-held ambition of mine, and with Melanie’s support and encouragement I am pleased to be able to say that I am now achieving this ambition, and gaining much pleasure from the experience.

Jan Rigby (65) —piano student.

I always wanted to learn to play the piano and decided life’s too short and why not just do it. Mel is a great teacher, I am very impatient and get frustrated but Mel is always there to help me along and remind me of the progress i made and where we were going. Thanks Mel.

Mark B – (36)

I had always wanted to learn to play the piano and as part of my recovery after a serious illness I treated myself to 6 half price lessons with Melanie. Sixteen months later, I still look forward with excitement to my weekly lessons with this delightful lady ! She is patient, yet firm and her accelerated teaching method works ! I am now just over half way through my second John Schaum book and so grateful to Melanie for all the fun and progress thus far.  

Sheila, Wirral.